If you conduct renovations, repairs, or painting (RRP) in California that will disturb painted surfaces in pre-1978 housing or child-occupied facilities, you must be trained and certified as an EPA Lead Renovator. In order to avoid fines of up to $37,500 per day, the Lead Renovator must also work for a company that is registered with the EPA as a Lead-Safe Certified Firm - this includes Sole Proprietors!

In the state of California, the EPA enforces Lead RRP projects under its federal Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, so there are no additional California requirements to comply with this law. Once you’re in compliance you can also perform RRP work in nearby EPA-run states including Nevada and Arizona without any additional training or paperwork! You can also work in Oregon, even though it is not an EPA-run state; however, you must submit additional paperwork to the state.

Steps to become a Lead Renovator in California?

  1. Signup online for a 1-day, 8-hour EPA Lead Renovator class in California. This takes under 5 minutes!
  2. Submit an online application to the EPA to get your company registered - this is required separately from the training class and is sent directly to the EPA! The EPA will email you your Firm Certificate in roughly 2 to 3 weeks.
  3. Attend the 1-day Lead Renovator Initial class and pass a 25 question test in class. Voilà, in just 8 hours your training provider will issue you a Lead Renovator Certificate.
  4. Don’t forget to keep both certificates readily available and set a reminder to renew in 5 years! If you don’t renew, you will have to take the Initial course again.

What kinds of projects in California require this certification?

The RRP Rule applies if:

  1. The property is built before 1978 and is classified as housing or a child-occupied facility (daycares, schools, etc)
  2. And you will be disturbing:
    1. 6 square feet or more of an interior painted surface AND/OR
    2. 20 square feet or more of an exterior painted surface
  3. Or will be replacing windows

California contractors, painters, electricians, landlords, plumbers, property managers and more should be familiar with the RRP Rule and get certified in advance as it may apply to your next job. Better to be safe than sorry!

What if I just need Refresher training?

We also offer Lead Renovator Refresher training, with locations throughout California and an Online Refresher course, which is accepted in California! If your Lead Renovator certificate has NOT expired you are eligible to complete this Refresher course. The Refresher course is required within 5 years of your Initial training.

Bid on more projects!

While you may only perform renovations on newer homes right now, several major cities in California have tested positive for lead exposure, so it is likely you will need to bid on work for a pre-1978 home or child occupied facility. Make sure you are prepared and legally able to bid on all renovation projects! It is a serious offense if you are not!

Industry-leading trainers located throughout California.

If you see a Lead RRP trainer on this website, you can guarantee they are EPA Accredited, and their courses certify renovators to perform lead-safe work throughout the state. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page for full details on the EPA's lead renovator rules or contact customer support on this page.

Lead Certification Training

EPA Lead Certification is required for any renovation that disturbs more than 6 square feet of interior or 20 square feet of exterior lead paint in residential or child-occupied facilities built before 1978. Failure to comply puts you at risk to be fined by the EPA & Local Government.